Very cool antique bar stool in great shape. When I purchased this from the popular online store Rejuvenation, was told this is an antique ice cream parlor stool.
Beautiful antique mantel clocks. 1 is a gray stone/slate. And the other is wooden. 70 each
Purchased at a French antique market. Large, heavy, and beautiful when hung or standing. The whole measures 61 x 37 . Frame measures 7 . Mirror measures 46.5 x 23 with .5 bevel. Note: the lighting in these photos fails to do it justice.
Purchased in Germany (NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen) from a regular seller at the base bazaar. Beautiful and large...very shabby chic . Measures 72 x 17.5 x 34 .
Mid 1930s, solid brass. From Germany. with matching wall sconces
This chair is in excellent condition. It has beautiful upholstery and would make a great chair for a fancy bedroom or parlor.
This primitive old high chair is in mint condition and can be used for decoration or can be used for a child.
This sled is so cute. It can be used for decoration on a porch. It came from Germany and it is in great condition.
This beautiful victorian mirror can be used on top of a dresser or hung on the wall. It is in good condition and al finals and pieces are intact.
This mantle is very stately. It came from an old home from the early 1900's. It needs a mirror and a few minor repairs to the wood.
Antique Oak Dresser for sale $200. Please see attached pictures.
Antique Mirror - Great condition - please contact me with any questions.
Antique J. B. Van Sciver Co - Camden, NJ These are all wood - none of that pressed board stuff 1 Small nick on the 2 drawer piece (looks like a light spot in the picture). Please contact me with any questions.
Not working right now. Needs abit of adjustment. Metal face and wooden case. Both in good condition.